We share a passion for live music, which makes us committed to bringing you the best talent and unforgettable experiences.
Harry H. Cullen

From a family that's no stranger to the arts, it's of no surprise that Harry H. Cullen would find his chosen medium in music. His parents' love of music placed young Harry in rather unique situations such as hanging out with Willie Nelson at his home and cracking jokes with the members of ZZ top backstage. But it took a Panic show in Houston to realize that his contribution would be in the performing arts and even more so, live music. This led him to Austin where he became surrounded by great live music as well the new influences and trends that were on the brink of exploding onto the scene. Seeing as many shows as possible honed his ear to differentiate between what was quality and what was overdone. This search for quality over quantity led him back to Houston where he began his own investment portfolio adapting the same principal. "I look at a company like Apple and appreciate the way that they're trendsetters and innovators in their field and although that doesn't directly translate to what I do in music, I strive to bring the highest quality of music to the masses even if those masses are numbered in the hundreds. Just like Apple, I hope to expand until what we're doing is reaching and changing the lives of thousands of fans and beyond. Music changed me and my outlook on life and I hope that through Havin' A Ball Productions I might be able to do the same for someone else"

Brooks Elliott

Brooks Elliott’s music business career began at Texas Tech University in the mid 1990’s while studying broadcast journalism. Booking local and out of town talent for bars, nightclubs and fraternity parties made him realize his calling. “ Since going off to college out in West Texas, I was always looking for a way to be around live music and since I couldn’t play a lick, I might as well be on the business side.” After graduation, Brooks moved up to the mountains of Western Colorado where he met up with a young band of musicians from Crested Butte called the String Cheese Incident. It is here where the music bug bit him. After moving over to the Front Range, Brooks was hired on with Madison House, Inc. as the band’s archivist. For the next four years Brooks worked for SCI Fidelity Records (String Cheese Incidents’ in house record label) recording, cataloging and releasing over 50 studio and live releases by the String Cheese Incident, Steve Winwood, Karl Denson, Keller Williams, DJ Harry, Big Head Todd and the Monsters. SCI Archives project highlights include DVD and CD releases from Costa Rica, Maui, Radio City Music Hall and Red Rocks Amphitheater. While in Boulder, Brooks helped form and manage Evolutionary Productions, LLC a live concert video production company who was responsible for producing and directing live concert videos, digital press kit videos, and web casts for the likes of Trey Anastasio (Phish), Blues Traveler, Slightly Stoopid, Bruce Hornsby, Big Head Todd and Medeski, Martin and Wood. Enter year 2012, Brooks is back in the music business joining forces in his hometown of Houston,Texas with Havin’ A Ball Productions.

Tommy J. Holmes III

Tommy attended Lamar High School in Houston, Texas before receiving his undergraduate degree in business and government from The University of Texas at Austin. He then graduated from South Texas College of Law, receiving his JD in May 2013, was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in November 2013, and started his own firm, Holmes Law, PLLC in 2014. Holmes Law engages in corporate matters, business transactions and consulting, real estate, oil and gas, and of course entertainment. Tommy has possessed the entrepreneurial spirit since childhood and has now become in involved in many ventures including the music industry through HBP. His business acumen, risk management and legal skills allows the rest of HBP to focus on music booking, promotion and production, while knowing the administrative tasks and legal issues are properly handled.

Scott Holmes
Scott Holmes is a [5th] generation Houstonian who was born with a love of music. Since a young age he has played the guitar and attended concerts. During his formative years he developed a love for Widespread Panic, which furthered his interest in the live music scene and after attending a music festival on an open piece of Texas property decided his ranch would be the perfect place to provide music to the masses. From this idea, Havin' A Ball was born and he is excited to continue bringing music not only to Houston but to all of Texas and beyond.